For diabetes

Combine Glucopia with AGE Reviver herbal supplements 


A. GlucoPia herbal supplement 

 1) Take 2 tablets GlucoPia herbal supplements 3 times daily after meals. Continue taking your diabetes medications (if you are taking them).

2) After 1 week, test your blood glucose level in the morning before eating, if your glucose levels below 108mg/dL (or 6.0mmol/l) you can start to reduce from ¼ to 1/3 of your diabetes medications which you are taking, continue testing to reduce diabetes medications until no additional diabetes medications other than GlucoPia.

B. Diet

 If you do not want to be dependent on GlucoPia definitely, you must replace white rice by brown rice and other whole grains:

- 50 % husked grains: brown rice, brown bread, brown rice noodles, brown rice paper, brown rice vermicelli, brown rice spaghetti.

- 25 % cooked vegetables: Chinese broccoli (Kai-lan), crown daisy (Edible chrysanthemum), watercress, yu choy, Chinese mustard (Brassica juncea), pennywort, knotgrass, daikon, radish, gourd, winter melon, kabocha squash, bitter melon, lotus root, yam leaf …

- 25 % is soup: Miso, tekka , kuzu, tamari, natto, bran pickles, seaweed, sesame seeds (no shell), beans, nuts, dentie ... Occasionally eating baby fish, baby shrimps with heads (do not remove scales or fin, bones, heads, tails).

C. Exercise

 Physical exercise such as walking, cycling, Qigong, Tai chi, Yoga, Fountain of Youth, martial arts, sports, fitness, gardening ... at least 60 minutes a day.

After the average period of 6 to 9 months, reduce from 6 to 5 capsules of GlucoPia, at the same time monitoring your blood glucose level in the morning before meals and reduce 5 to 4 capsules until no longer take GlucoPia. Monitor your blood glucose level 2 hours after meal, if the level of yours is 136 mg/dL (or 7.5 mmol/l) that means your pancreas is fully recovered.

Diabetes is debilitating entire liver, kidneys, heart, lungs ...  Besides GlucoPia, you should take AGE Reviver herbal supplements: 1 capsule a day after meals for the first 7 days, then 2 capsules a day after meals if you are 132 lbs or 60 kgs (If you are from 133 - 150 lbs or 61 - 68 kgs: 3 capsules a day after meals; 151 - 175 lbs or 69 - 80 kgs: 4 capsules a day after meals) for 3 months, then stop 1-2 weeks, continue taking AGE Reviver for additional 3 months. Taking AGE Reviver many times during the year will maximize benefit.

GlucoPia does not contain insulin and is not insulin supplementation, so it is very good for diabetes patients.

Even if you could not follow macrobiotic diet, GlucoPia still helps you to retain the ideal way for your body in a completely natural way.