My name is Cam Ngoc Vo, living at 4 Tomkin Court, Laverton, VIC 3028, Australia, cell phone +61 432 849 744 (If you want to call me, please make a phone call before 10:00pm), I had type 2 diabetes severely but I did not know. I had frequent urination and increased thirst constantly. I was haggard and uncomfortable. Mid July 2012, my blood sugar testing was 15.6 mmol/l (280mg/dl) incidentially.

I chose the natural method to cure my diabetes by cycling, walking 1-2 hours a day; eating brown rice with vegetables (such as bitter melon, kabocha squash, Chinese broccoli (Kai-lan), crown daisy, watercress …) and  beans; taking 2 GlucoPia capsules three times a day and  1 AGE Reviver capsule three times a day.

Every morning my fasting blood sugar level is 5.9 mmol/l – 6.00 mmol/l (106mg/dl – 108 mg/dl). All my sundry diseases were gone, my health and vitality fully restore.

I called Mr. Luong Trung Hung to help me for placing my story in newspapers, so anyone with diagnosed diabetes can follow the natural method to help the body reverse diabetes naturally like me.